Blind Spots

I’ll be honest (I’m going to do a lot of that here), I’ve been saying I’m a writer for years. It felt good to finally say it aloud to strangers face to face and trust me that was its own hurdle. But as you embark on any journey, you start to realize some of your blind spots. Come with me to see why.

This is the first time I’ve given writing an honest try and when I say writing, I mean for the public: sharing my shorts and my thoughts consistently. But there is one important thing I’d say a writer needs more than diction, a strong handle of the language, body of read texts on how to write, or a good idea. A writer needs accountability.

I’ve been doing this for years and I never had any sort of accountability. Sure, people get excited about the tease I may have set up or the pitch. I’m good at that. Did I deliver? Absolutely the heck not.

Some context, I’ve had ownership of this site since college (a long time since then). I rushed to get it. I was super excited. I had some semblance of a plan. Did I execute? I am now.

Does anyone else have accountability in their lives vs. those who don’t? Feedback time. Comment below. Do you have a system set up for being accountable? Are you a loner? Is this working for you? How?

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