WFAE Charlotte PodQuest Contest

This week in the life of an author in a battle against procrastination, I learned something very important. The importance of balance. Without it, your life can be thrown to the wayside very quickly.

I submitted an audio play idea of mine called The Fall of Adam and it was accepted. You can vote for me here. I have now added social networking and marketing to my repertoire. Some have real panache for it. I’m engaging in social media in a way that I have never done before, but between you and me, I prefer writing. However, I must say that this poses a new writing challenge for me: how would I script the presentation of me as an author to the world? With that blank canvas, I see possibilities.

With all this, I still maintain a level of consistency and I’ll be honest, I had a bit of a crash. I’m better now, but it’s crucial to follow the six specific areas for your life. By no means is this something I crafted or invented. There are many people who have already figured this out. I use the Life S.A.V.E.R.S. routine developed by Hal Elrod in a book called The Miracle Morning.

The six areas to cover are:

  1. Silence- a space where you can either meditate or pray.
  2. Affirmations – a list of affirmations you’ve either found or written for yourself that you say everyday.
  3. Visualization – the chance to visualize the vision you’ve developed which can be helped along if you have a vision board.
  4. Exercise – exercising and get your heart pumping and blood flowing.
  5. Reading – reading self-development of some kind to allow constant improvement.
  6. Scribing – journaling where you’ve been, what you’re doing or where you’re going.

The idea is to establish consistency and to do these six steps for an hour. If you don’t have the time, you can do the six steps in 6 minutes. It’s honestly the best way to make significant changes in your life. It worked for me until I stopped doing it and I suffered because of it.

In any case, I’ve met and talked with people about my story The Fall of Adam all week and it’s given me more confidence about ways to get my story out there. However, it is equally important, in my view, to not toss out what you’ve learned prior to what you’ve done to get where you are.

And always remember: consistency is the key.

And oh yeah… vote for me here.

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