R U A Writer: a personal reflection

I’m on week 6 of 52. There were a few times where I was right under the wire for my deadline for Rockland’s 52 but, the last two weeks pushed some interesting work out of me.

When your back is against the wall, who are you?

Are you a writer?

Are you a good one? A great one?

These are some of the thoughts that fill my head these days. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have bad days. Some where I don’t want to put my hands on the paper, but the ideas are usually there. They are swimming inside that cranium above my eyes and all I need is a writing utensil to get them onto paper or a computer.

As I think back on these questions, my answer is clear:

Yes. I am writer. How much am I a writer?

Well, this writing challenge is helping a great deal. I’ve learned to be flexible whilst moving forward and accomplishing self appointed goals.

But I’m human, so I have to fail, right? Ask me why I need to research what zodiac sign Bruce Wayne is when I’ve committed to write a short at that very same time. I lie to myself and say it’s for research, but who am I kidding. I’ve lost the battle with procrastination again.

You get to the root question. Why do you want to become an author? What sick pleasure do you get out of writing something for others? What is an author? How do you be an author? The answer may differ for you, but I know why I write. If you’re reading this, find out what your why is and then staple it to the high traffic areas in your living space. That’s your drive. As for how do you be an author? Simple. The thoughts in your head? Write them down. If you’ve written it before, write it differently. Writer’s block? Write about the block or write about how you got to the block.

I’m so moved by this method because my desire to express myself through literature is real. My method of completing a short every week is my way trying anything drastically different to produce different results than what I received in the past.

Are there any achievers out there? What crazy changes did you welcome in your life before massive change unfurled?

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