My name is Jace Rockland. I’m a writer, an artist, a podcaster, a traveler, a musician, a filmmaker, and more. I should also be honest from the start. I am also a procrastinator, so a lot of the things I do that I mentioned before are skills that I have that have gone into long-term hibernation. Does this sound like you? Keep reading.

So, why have an author blog, in a sea of countless other author blogs? Well, I am bringing those skills to the forefront because what better time to do it than now… none.

I have dreams of what I want to do in this life and like many of you, life gets in the way, and doubt sets in, and you pick up that really bad habit, and then you pick another bad habit to compliment the first one. Then you end up in a hole, alone and in pain, wondering how you got there.

The journey we go through is unique, but there are similar paths between us. This blog is an account of my journey after I’ve made my decision to do what I set out to do: tell stories and entertain.

There are books I’ve read that share similar strategies in attaining your goals, which led to an idea. I call it Rockland’s 52. This is a writing challenge I’m bestowing on myself. 52 short stories for a full year! That’s one short story a week starting this week.

Along the way, I’ll post some articles and personal accounts. My hope is that you read, enjoy and share, while I learn to grow and develop from this.

Wish me luck!

Jace Rockland

PS: I haven’t decided if I’m posting on Tuesdays or Wednesdays yet. My draft is being worked on right now by an editor friend. I’ll most likely tweet it out as soon as I hear receive it.


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